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Olympic Park Legacy Company must encourage local employers to continue to use local labour and apprenticeships

The Olympic Park Legacy Company must set 'ambitious targets' to secure continuing employment or apprenticeships for people living in the Olympic boroughs, according to the London Assembly.

A report from the London Assembly, Legacy Limited? A review of the Olympic Park Legacy Company's Role, found all five Olympic boroughs (Greenwich, Hackney, Newham Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest) all have higher unemployment rates than the rest of Great Britain.

Following the London Olympic Games in 2012, the Olympic Park Legacy Company will take over responsibility for setting targets for the workforce of the park and any further construction.

The report shows during the construction of the site the employment targets set by the Olympic Delivery Authority did not ‘specifically focus' on previously unemployed local residents and argues these omissions must be rectified.

The report has urged the company to require local employers to ‘take steps to use local labour and apprentices, such as participating in local skills initiatives'.

The report states: ‘The Olympic Park will continue to provide many job opportunities long after the end of the 2012 Games. It is crucial local communities, where employment is lower than elsewhere in London, benefit from this as much as possible.

"Programmes to improve the skills of people in east London are an important part of this, as are the setting of employment targets and the mechanisms used to require employers to help meet these targets."