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NHS development programme aims to change culture with an "across-the-board" approach to leadership

The most comprehensive leadership development portfolio the NHS has ever had launches today in a bid to change the culture at the organisation.

Aimed at a wide range of NHS staff including doctors, allied health professionals, support staff, scientists and managers, the programme will look at every aspect of leadership in the NHS.

Developed by the NHS Leadership Academy at a cost of £30 million, the programme aims to combine successful leadership strategies from international healthcare, private sector organisations and academic research.

The focus of the programme is to support leaders in creating an environment where staff feel supported and encouraged to focus on providing high-quality health care.

It will work in partnership with universities, businesses and patient groups.

Karen Lynas, deputy managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said: "Leaders in health, from whatever profession, background or sector, have a responsibility to use taxpayers' money wisely, but moreover to ensure staff are encouraged, supported and developed so they can do what they came in to healthcare to do: care for patients.

"These programmes will see a generation of leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise they need to lead while creating a caring and compassionate climate for staff."

Chris Lake, head of professional development at the Academy, said: "By the time the first cohorts start in September, a whole cast of people will have been working very hard on the programme development for a full year, putting patients at the centre of their creation and working with leading edge learning and health experts.

Lake added: "This marks the start of our journey to ensure tomorrow's leaders create cultures where patients receive excellent, high-quality care in surroundings where NHS professionals are recognised, valued and supported as leaders that make a real difference."