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Monster launches campaign to restore employees' lunch hour

Online recruitment firm Monster has launched a campaign to 'Bring Back Britain's Lunch Hour' with a dedicated website, PR and social media campaign.

The campaign was launched after Monster commissioned a survey that found 19% of employees take under 15 minutes for lunch and over 10% admit they never take a break at lunchtime. Even when they do take a break, the most popular activity is catching up on e-mails and phone calls.

When asked what employees would rather be doing, the most popular choice was reading (22%), closely followed by the power nap (22%). Regardless of time taken, less than 1% of respondents think working is a good way to spend our lunch hour.

The survey highlights a growing trend in a climate of job insecurity to be present at desks at all times.

The campaign website, bbblh.co.uk, will feature advice, tips and ideas from a range of experts including recipes from chef Gizzi Erskine, nutritional advice from Fiona Hunter, life-coaching from Carol Ann Rice and fitness tips from Kevin Hubble.

Isabelle Ratinaud, marketing director at Monster, said: "The campaign will be a launch pad to engage with employees in a fun, interesting and informative way by encouraging them to think about working smarter. So many people are stuck in working habits that are not benefiting them or their employer. Taking time out of the working day can really help bring into focus what is important, whether that is in their current role, or in a new one - being chained to a desk just doesn't work."