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Majority of employees are stressed but the young are more stressed than their older colleagues


Research to mark Stress Awareness Day today finds 84% of employees are stressed at work, with one in seven (14%) admitting to being very or extremely stressed.

The study from Badenoch & Clark also revealed age has a huge impact on stress levels, with the younger generation of workers far more stressed than older colleagues. One in five (20%) of 16-24 years-olds were very or extremely stressed at work while one in 10 (10%) of over-55s confessed to high stress levels.

But stress has reduced from this time last year, when Badenoch & Clark’s Employment Study revealed a higher number (93%) of UK workers were suffering from stress.

David Fleming, sales director, at Badenoch & Clark, said: "Our Employment Study has shown that UK workers are suffering from chronic stress levels. While it is encouraging to see that, as the UK has come out of recession, stress levels in the workplace have slightly decreased, the vast majority of workers are still under far too much pressure. The spending review and forthcoming cuts will do nothing to alleviate this situation.

"Stress costs British business billions of pounds a year. Excessive stress reduces productivity and leads to an increase in sick days. Helping your staff create a balanced schedule, alongside firm management of workloads will assist in reducing stress. Further to this, it is important for managers to take time to talk to staff on a one-to-one basis and identify the main sources of stress."