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Employees have no idea how their company is performing because managers think they don't need to know

Employees are being kept in the dark about their employers' business performance, with 28% being told nothing about business health and one in 20 discouraged from asking questions.

According to an employment survey from Badenoch & Clark, 30% of accountancy and finance staff have no idea how their business is performing and the issue is most prevalent in the Midlands where the figure rises to 45%.

Neil Wilson, managing director of Badenoch & Clark, said: "Good internal communication is given lip service by some business leaders. Too often, there is a tendency to believe the general workforce need not know the bigger picture.

"[But] one in four people said they would actually leave their employer if they were told nothing about business performance, and at a time when organisations are plotting a way through the recession, this could have a serious impact."