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Loughborough University and Macmillan Cancer Support launch guide to help working cancer carers

Loughborough University has launched a resource for Macmillan Cancer Support to help cancer carers manage their work demands.??

Work it out for carers was created as part of the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative and provides information for working carers about managing work and care responsibilities.

The resource – which is available on the Macmillan Cancer Support website and in print – covers fundamental medical, work, home and financial questions and includes topics such as managing hospital appointments and visits, flexible working arrangements and leave, and benefit entitlements.

Loughborough’s research team spoke to experienced working carers and reviewed existing literature to identify informational and support needs in order to develop a list of ‘power questions’.

Researcher Katryna Kalawsky said:??“Because of increased cancer diagnosis, more people than ever are taking on informal carer roles. A carer is typically the partner, child, friend or parent of the individual living with cancer, and they can often feel isolated if they don’t receive the information and support they need.

“The Work it out tool is a valuable signpost for key work-related queries, and has been developed especially for carers to boost their confidence and equip them to deal with any workplace issues they face.”

The tool was developed in conjunction with Affinity Health at Work Consultancies and is a follow-up to the Work it out: the essential questions to ask about work guide for people living with and beyond cancer launched last summer. Almost 10,000 copies of guide have already been distributed across the UK.

The Loughborough University research team included experts from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

Work it out is available online here.

National Cancer Survivorship Initiative is a Macmillan Cancer Support, Department of Health and NHS programme to improve the ongoing support and services for those living with and beyond cancer.