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Line between work and home life increasingly blurred

The distinction between employees' work and home life is becoming less defined, according to research by Edenred.

The Edenred-Ipsos Barometer looks at the working habits of 8,800 employees across Europe. It found over two-thirds (67%) of employees are kept busy by work outside  traditional office hours. 

Over one-quarter (28%) cite time spent working from home as their main concern in their working life, making it the most pressing issue for workers in the UK. 

Many employees are unhappy with the way their organisations are attempting to adapt to the change in working practices. Over one-third (39%) said the steps taken are insufficient. 

Andy Philpott, sales and marketing director at Edenred, said employers "must not be complacent" around remote working strategies if they wish to retain their top performers.

He added that if organisations fail to get this aspect of employee engagement right, employees will look towards other companies that do.

"More than a third of UK employees say that they have considered leaving their current employer and more than a quarter believe they will find it easy to get a similar job elsewhere," he said. "Employers need to recognise this when they look to attract, motivate and retain top talent."

'Reward results, not hours', says paper

Employers must focus on the results staff achieve when working away from the office, not the hours they work, according to a paper by Cass Business School. 

The paper, Has remote working gone too far or not far enough?, warns that remote working must not lead to workers believing they have to check work emails wherever they are. 

Alison Maitland, senior visiting fellow at Cass Business School, said: "Working anywhere, any time must not mean everywhere, all the time.”