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KFC to look at social networking sites in development of its recruitment strategy


KFC is investigating the use of social networking sites for recruiting staff in a bid to further develop its hiring strategy.

The restaurant began developing its new in-house recruitment strategy in 2007 with a view that, by 2011, it would be a key differentiator against its competitors.

Prior to taking recruitment in-house, the firm had 23 recruitment agencies in the UK alone. KFC launched its online recruitment platform in 2009.

Speaking yesterday at the European HR Directors' Business Summit in Birmingham, Misty Reich, vice-president, HR UK and Ireland at KFC, said: "Our career site is about brand-building and our focus this year will be to hone and refine the people we want for our business."

"We have dipped our toe in social media. In the past two months we have had 11 applications on Twitter, we also support blogs and we have a Facebook site. We haven't recruited a candidate this way just yet though."

Since the launch of the recruitment website in mid-2009 KFC has received 110,000 online applications on its recruitment site and has seen the cost-per-hire reduce from £1,367 to £403.

Applicants who use the site can apply straightaway, taking part in a behavioural screening test. Less than 50% pass the test. They are then kept up to date with the progress of the application if successful or given careers advice by email if not.

Reich added: "Recession is driving companies to take their recruitment in-house. The right technology is key. Avoid risk - get on board before your competitors do."