'It's time for a new type of recruitment', says Autodesk's head of EMEA talent acquisition

“Lazy recruiters” are damaging the standard of the recruitment profession, causing employers to miss out on the best talent, according to Matthew Jeffery (pictured), head of EMEA talent acquisition and global talent brand at technology firm Autodesk.

Speaking last week at the Kelly OCG Talent Strategy Summit 2012, Jeffery said: "There is a global war for talent and we are competing to hire the best. External providers are losing the plot and not adapting.

"Lazy recruiters are damaging the standard of the profession and are just ticking boxes. Some recruitment leaders are taking an easy life and not challenging the status quo."

Turning to employers attending the conference, he added: "The war for talent is ongoing and we are competing for the best [talent]. We're not just competing we are fighting.

"Not every one is actively looking for a job. In fact 90% of the best candidates are not looking - they could be employees' partners or consumers."

Talking about the evolution of talent strategy in recent years, Jeffery said: "Recruitment is boring. Some employers are hosting Twitter feeds with jobs - but people won't follow this unless employers tell a story. Candidates need to have a 'gut feel' about a brand and an emotional commitment. This comes by a two-way transparent conversation.

"Recruiters need to have a relationship with people to give them an idea of company culture because passive candidates can become active candidates at the touch of a button."

He said employers have to move to make the candidate experience more "snuggly" because candidates will communicate with other potential recruits via social media or personal interaction.

"We need to celebrate the candidate in the recruitment process," he said. "The candidate experience can genuinely be very poor. It's time for a new type of recruiter."