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HR's place at top table brings two-way benefits


HR having a place at the "top table" of organisations brings benefits not only in being able to influence but also as a way of "seeing what's coming", according to Scripps Networks UK & EMEA VP, HR Susie Bruck.

Bruck told HR magazine HR has been heavily involved at boardroom level in the five years since Scripps entered the UK market, helping the operation balloon in size from a team of eight at first to more than 120 employees today.

"With such big strategic decisions being made HR can both feed into that, but also be prepared and strategically position ourselves so that we are able to recruit, we are able to attract and we therefore are able to retain," she said.

When the network came to the UK in 2009 it was virtually unknown and recruiting relied heavily on the initial teams' "networks".

Since that time the HR team has been responsible for bringing together "more or less three different businesses", which comes with many cultural and practical challenges.

"When I talk about culture, or what we describe as environment, I mean the way we communicate and the training and development we can offer," explained Bruck. "Along with this we have had to harmonise pay, compensation, and basic terms and conditions across all three businesses."

This process has sometimes felt "a bit like a game of Jenga", according to Bruck, but she said she has relied on her relations with the wider international business to ensure consistency.

"We work very hard across all sites to keep everything consistent," she explained. "So if you step into another office it may look different but it should feel the same. That's what keeps it true within the culture."