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HR has greater confidence than any other function in the future success of their employer

HR professionals have more confidence in their employer and business leader than any other business function, new research reveals.

According to a survey by Badenoch & Clark, 90% of HR professionals are confident about the future success of their current employer compared with a national average of 69%. And less than a tenth (9%) reported a lack of confidence in their business leaders, compared with a national average of 24%.

Nearly nine out of 10 HR staff (86%) would recommend their company to friends as a good place to work, compared with 75% across the board.

Alison Burgin, executive director at Badenoch & Clark, said: "Positivity is having a profound impact on HR professionals. Workers in the sector are noticeably more bullish than any other when it comes to confidence in their employers and their business leaders.

"Part of this may be due to the unique view HR professionals can have of the company they work in. They often have unparalleled access to all levels of the company and can be privy to conversations and information that cannot be made available to the organisation at large. That perspective may well be fuelling their confidence as they are among the first to see and recognise the signs of recovery."