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Financial sector HR professionals believe their employer brands are strong despite financial crisis


HR staff are confident the recession has not damaged their employer brand, when it comes to recruiting new staff.

More than six out of10 (61%) HR and marketing professionals in the financial services sector disagreed the financial crisis had damaged their brand and 75% have no plans to leave the sector, according to a survey by recruitment firm Hays.

A further 86% agreed their employer had a trusted brand and almost two thirds (61%) went as far as to say that staff attraction was better than average as a result of it. Respondents were confident their employers placed importance on the brand with 65% saying that their company's brand was at the forefront of their employer's HR plans and activities. Almost two thirds of employees agreed that a strong brand impacted on their productivity and commitment to the job (65%).

But 42% of respondents said they planned to leave their current employer within the next year. Neither were respondents adverse to changing careers within the sector: 75% agreed or strongly agreed that they would consider new opportunities within financial services, with some citing internal audit, asset management and compliance as the sort of roles they would consider moving into.

Geoff Fawcett, director at Hays, said: "It is positive that HR and marketing professionals are loyal to the sector despite the increased scrutiny it has come under since the recession. A large number of these professionals are looking to change jobs but are happy to remain in financial services, indicating that they continue to trust in the sector and brands within it."