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General Election 2010: Rights of working families and older employees come high on Labour Party manifesto

The Labour Party has promised more rights for working families and older employees in its 2010 election manifesto.

It is manifesto, released this morning, the Labour Party has pledged tax cuts and increased child benefits and tax credits for middle and modest earners as well as more help for unemployed people, including its extension of the guarantee that all unemployed people over the age of 16 will be entitled to education, training or a job after six months.

The manifesto also sets out promises to give more rights to older workers, including an option to remove the current default retirement age of 65 or to give older employees more rights to stay on at work, should they choose to.

The current Government has pledged not to raise National Insurance Contributions should it come to power, but has made no guarantees about VAT.

The manifesto said the party would continue to strive towards better work-life balance, more job satisfaction and security, less in-work poverty as well as safer and healthier workplaces.

The Conservative Party is expected to release its manifesto promises to morrow with the Liberal Democrats due to publish theirs towards the end of the week.