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Floating voters likely to be swayed by unemployment policies of leading political parties


Ahead of the second prime ministerial debate this evening on Sky, new research reveals it is employment policy that will sway floating voters.

Research from online job board TipTopjob found 75% of jobseekers expressed their dissatisfaction with Labour's current actions on unemployment. 

The survey, which received over 4,000 online votes in record time, also revealed 69% of jobseekers votes will be influenced by the unemployment policies of the leading parties.

And a further 68% are unaware of any new policies on unemployment being proposed by the major parties. So it may be apparent that politicians are not as in touch with the vital voters as they would like to think.

Mike Dauncey, head of TipTopjob, said: "It is interesting to find the majority of British jobseekers will vote depending on the employment policy of major parties. The stone- cold truth remains that jobseekers now represent a significant proportion of eligible voters, so either the parties acknowledge and address these people or inevitably suffer the consequences."