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Exclusive: Westminster City Council publishes salaries of its chief executive and senior offices on its website


Westminster City Council has published the salaries of 30 members of its strategic board on its website and intranet site as part of a policy of openness.

As part of a de-layering exercise in the organisation, the salaries and benefits of the council's chief executive and senior officers have been published on a PDF document that members of the public are able to download.

Graham White (pictured), director of HR at Westminster City Council, told HR magazine: "We are pretty certain we are the first local authority to do this. Everyone else has run for cover on the subject of pay, and I think the more you hide it, the more confusing it becomes.

"The chief executive and senior officers are collectively responsible for a budget of almost £1 billion and for the delivery of hundreds of services in the heart of London and their salaries match the work they do."

White added there was an amount of debate around the issue, but the council did not move to publish the salaries until all the affected members of staff were in agreement. So far, he claims, trade unions as well as staff members have positively received the decision.

He added: "We hope other public sector organisations will follow suit. There is nothing to be afraid of."

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