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Engagement programme at Molson Coors aims to reinforce its 'Our Brew' growth strategy


Molson Coors Brewing Company has just completed the first phase of a major new people engagement programme designed to reinforce the company's growth strategy in 2010.

The company wanted staff to fully understand the goals of the business with regard to customers and performance, and for each of its 2,400 staff members to understand their role in achieving the overall aims.

Working with engagement company Involve, a one-day experience and dinner was held at the Liverpool Arena in early February. More than 1,200 employees took part in the event and a further 1,200 will participate in a road show at different Molson Coors' (UK) sites around the UK, so that everyone is involved in the programme.

Groups of employees explored seven zones representing the seven pillars for growth of the business. Every element was fully participative, with lots of practical examples and opportunities for people to explore Molson Coors' priorities using different learning styles. The event was designed to be varied and fun.

The day ended with them all taking part in a ‘human orchestra'. We Will Rock You was reproduced and performed using hands, feet, kegs and 1,000 beer bottles instead of traditional instruments. Over dinner everyone experienced their own ‘beer tasting' - with nine different courses being served with nine different beers.

Straight after the event, everyone received a copy of a special edition of Cheers, their internal magazine, with a report and images from the event, so that the key messages are reinforced.

Mark Hunter, chief executive at Molson Coors (UK), said: "UK alcohol consumption is falling at the fastest rate for more than 60 years and total trade beer volume in the UK has been in general decline since the 1980s but the short-term trend has accelerated over the past two years.

"With pubs closing at the rate of 52 every week, we are investing heavily in 2010 to stimulate performance of the beer category for our customers, aiming to increase rate of sale with a focus on beer quality in both the on and off trade that will add real value to our customers' businesses. Having a team of highly skilled, engaged and motivated people is crucial to making this happen.

"We had a very good year in 2009 but as part of Molson Coors' (UK) global strategy, 'Our Brew', we have some very clear goals to achieve in 2010 both with customers and our own performance and we want to improve our profitability.

"This is a major investment for Molson Coors (UK) but one that we believe is absolutely vital. We need to bring our strategy to life, so that everyone knows what they can do to contribute to their team's success and, through that, to the success of the company.

"We had a good year in 2009 in a difficult economy. We did get a shift in behaviour and we're now going to continue the ‘Our Brew' activity in 2010. We want to make sure that all of our people understand our platforms for growth and feel engaged in making them happen.

Molson Coors' (UK) commitment to engagement is shown by the fact that a recent survey revealed 88% of its people are actively engaged - a figure far higher than the national average and an increase of 13% on the previous year.

"The feedback we've had was that it was the best event we'd ever held. People who participated in the event thought it was a good use of the company's money and more importantly feel committed to delivering great results in 2010."