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Employees have to use personal emails at work to offset the stress of their job

A third of employees admit receiving personal emails during work hours provides a valued relief from work-related stress.

A survey of 1,679 UK adults by email service GMX found 35% handled urgent personal emails at work in order to maintain a work-life balance.

And over half of workers (54%) now feel that keeping up-to-date with a personal Inbox is a bigger task than managing their work Inbox.

GMX found that the average Briton uses two separate personal email accounts, and checks them on average two-to-three times a day. More than two thirds of employees (69%) with personal email accounts have accessed these at work and a third use email from friends, family and partners to distract themselves from stressful tasks or encounters with colleagues.

For 35%, private emails are the most valued source of humour in their working day. And  women are more reliant on their personal email than their male colleagues.  A third of women (32%) evaluate their use of private emails as a coping strategy that helps them 'get through the day', compared to 24% of men. 

A fifth of workers claim they have to email their partners or spouses during the day to bolster their self confidence.

Eva Heil, managing director of GMX, said, "Many employers dislike staff accessing private email at work as this is often viewed as merely time wasted. But the study suggests such email is a valued way for workers to relieve the negative effects of work such as stress or nerves. Email is also now relied upon for managing a work-life balance.