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Employees confused over retirement age

Despite predictions that the number of staff working beyond retirement age will double, research by Croner has found only a third of workers say they envisage working past the age of 65.

The survey, which questioned 1,400 working adults, reveals 22% of workers intend to retire at 60 or under, while 44% plan to work only until 65.
According to Gillian Dowling, employment consultant, Croner, the research points to employee confusion about retirement ages, given the Conservative Party's pledge to raise the state retirement age to 66 for men and 63 for women by 2016.
"The research shows people are unsure and are not preparing to work past 65. As further Government consultation on the national default retirement age is only set to start next year, this will remain an area of uncertainty for both employers and employees for some time."
Men are more likely to think they will work past 65, with 38% saying this, compared with 31% of women. Those under 25 see themselves working longer than any other age group.
The news comes as outsourcing and benefits providers Ceridian and Vebnet announced research showing three-quarters of employees want advice on how to make their monthly wage packet go further.
The companies surveyed 1,000 employees. It found half of respondents said ‘day-to-day' survival was their top financial priority. A further 14% placed debt repayment at the top of their concerns, while almost one in four are looking to secure their financial position by saving money.