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Eight out of 10 HR teams use social media to recruit


Eight out of every 10 HR functions use social media as at least one part of their recruitment strategy, according to research by online recruitment specialists Konetic.

The survey of HR professionals suggests that despite so many using social media, 78% still see its use as a "major challenge" in their recruitment process.

Figures released recently by Facebook reveal more than half of the hits to the website come from mobile devices. Despite this, little more than one-third (35%) of HR teams have a jobs site designed to handle mobile referrals from social media sites.

Furthermore, only 42% of the jobs websites allow applications through mobile devices. Almost two-thirds (64%) of companies polled said they are looking to improve the mobile options available to candidates.

Konetic CEO Paul Finch told HR magazine HR teams face a challenge in "staying current" among young jobseekers' transient social media habits.

"HR and recruitment teams are traditionally focused on people, so keeping up-to-date with the latest social media trends isn't always their strong suit," he said. "It's difficult to predict what platform will be the best to connect with younger candidates going forward. Otherwise you can stay one step behind."

He added that there is a split in recruitment and HR teams between those who "embrace" social media in their processes and those who actively ignore it.