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CIPD's new Internship Charter sets quality standards employers should adhere to

The CIPD has launched an Internship Charter to improve the quality of internship schemes for employers, jobseekers and graduates.

The charter recommends interns should be recruited the same way as regular jobseekers with appropriate advertising, they should receive a proper induction to the job and a dedicated person should be employed to conduct regular performance reviews of interns

The charter adds interns should be treated with the same degree of professionalism as other staff, their expenses should be covered by the employer as a bare minimum and they should always receive a certificate or reference on the completion of their placement.

Tom Richmond, CIPD skills adviser, said: "There are many potential benefits for businesses of all sizes but only if the internship scheme is of sufficient quality. Key skills like team working and project management are best developed in the workplace, which is why internships can be rewarding for both individual and employers.

"During these difficult times it is right for Government to encourage organisations to offer internships but we believe our new code of practice should be adhered to, especially if interns are working with no salary."