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Charity launches volunteering platform for businesses


A web-based platform for managing the volunteering programmes of businesses and organisations has been launched.


The charity ‘V’ says the project ‘Volunteering Works’, will "allow businesses to easily connect staff to volunteering opportunities, as well as measure the impact of employee engagement."

100,000 UK businesses do not run volunteering programmes, although seven out of ten adults have volunteered over the last year according to the charity.

The site allows employees to find nearby volunteering opportunities, share experiences through individual profiles and gain recognition for their work.

The site also allows HR departments to set targets for volunteering work and monitor the organisation’s progress.

The platform is customisable to tie in with existing company sites.

Terry Ryall, V’s chief Executive, said: "In light of the Government’s stated aim that community and voluntary organisations should be less dependent on the State, Volunteering Works is a great example of how v as a charity is diversifying its funding through developing its existing products for new markets. 

"V is committed to helping businesses embrace volunteering within their organisations."

V was set up in 2006 to help young people find volunteering opportunities, although the site is designed for employees of all ages.

More information can be found at www.vinspired.com