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British Army launches videos to increase recruitment among ethnic minorities


The British Army has launched the first of three recruitment videos - Slough to Soldier: Why I joined the Army.

These have been created by potential candidates and examine inspiration, the early process and selection.

Slough to Soldier: Why I joined the Army follows young people from Slough who aspire to serve in the British Army. The series covers the different stages of joining - from being inspired and the first steps of recruitment; the early joining process to selection; and, finally, acceptance to first phase of training.

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Each candidate comes from a different faith and social background - find out what motivates them to want to join and what they want to achieve. The films are produced by Dot Hyphen Productions in collaboration with the candidates.

The British Army is a member of Race for Opportunity and sits on the campaigns Leadership Team.

The Army recognises there is untapped potential within the UK ethnic minority community and that it needs to significantly increase its recruiting of young people from these backgrounds.

Race for Opportunity is the race equality campaign from Business in the Community.

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