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BBC responds to claims it spends too much money covering events like Glastonbury and the World Cup


The BBC has defended claims that it sends too many staff members to events such as Glastonbury, the World Cup and Wimbledon.

Earlier this year, a report from the National Audit Office accused the BBC of not doing enough to show viewers it was providing the best possible value for money when covering major events as it did not have a clear view of its total expenditure.

But, according to the BBC news website, of the 292 staff sent to South Africa for the World Cup, approximately 35 will leave before the competition's end and numbers would continue to decrease depending on England's progress.

And 185 BBC staff are covering the Wimbledon tennis championship for the corporation. That number is down from 358 people in 2008.

On the BBC website, a spokeswoman said: "Large- scale live music and sport events are an important part of bringing the nation together and audiences expect to see and hear them on the BBC.

"In delivering these events, we always keep value for money in mind and each member of staff working at these events has a clear and accountable role."