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350 new engineering jobs at Dyson's laboratories in Wiltshire

Dyson is doubling its UK engineering team from 350 to 700.

The new engineers, many from university, will work at Dyson's Wiltshire laboratories, where machines are conceived, researched and designed. New positions include graduate design engineers, mechanical engineers and acoustic engineers.
Areas of expertise at Dyson include microbiology, fluid, mechanical, electrical, electro magnetic compatibility, thermal, acoustic and software engineering.
The firm employs more than 2,500 people worldwide. The number in the UK is set to rise to 1,600.
This heavy investment in British engineering talent follows James Dyson's recent report, Ingenious Britain, which calls for education reforms and greater R&D tax credits to make Britain Europe's leading high-tech exporter.
Dyson is expanding its motor development team too; its fast, efficient, digital motors powered 1.2 million Dyson machines in 2009 alone.
Dyson exports its machines from the UK to 49 countries and is market leader in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe and Canada.

Dyson said: "I am extremely proud of the new technology developed by our engineers in Malmesbury.  It is vital that Dyson - and the UK - continues to invest in the nation's engineering talent if we are to stay ahead.
"With excellent young aspiring scientists and engineers in our schools it falls to companies such as Dyson to encourage this future generation. As our need for good design and technology increases so does the need for creative and adventurous designers, engineers and scientists."