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Workplace culture: values matter

A healthy workplace culture benefits not only an organisations’ reputation and employees’ wellbeing and productivity, but also recruitment and retention.

Workplace culture plays a vital role in the overall performance and satisfaction of an organisations’ employees. It is the personality and character of an organisation, and influences how happy, engaged and productive the whole workforce is.

Creating a healthy, positive workplace culture isn’t always easy, but one of the best places to start is by identifying the values of the business, and in turn its vision and the essential place for every employee along this journey.

Values at the heart

We know every business depends on its people for success. Healthy, motivated and happy employees are the key that unlocks growth potential.

HIVE360 is all about growth, and we believe personal and professional growth are built on dynamic partnerships with honest and passionate people.

Our culture reflects this, with a team that is supportive of each other, our clients and partners.

HIVE360’s values have been carefully crafted to capture and reflect the company’s focus on people, innovation, engagement and reputation.

When the business began six years, one of our core objectives was to develop really strong and ‘liveable’ company values, importantly in collaboration with the whole team. The values were therefore developed at interactive cross functional workshops designed to generate ideas and input from all employees, with the aim of creating feelings of engagement and ownership across the whole team.

To keep our values fresh and relevant, we review them regularly with the whole HIVE360 team. This means we ensure the values remain appropriate for the business and people, as well as every one of its stakeholders including strategic partners and clients.

Our values are also built in to our recruitment strategies by using psychometrics to profile candidates and establish a strong cultural match. The values are also included in our internal recognition systems and initiatives, and are central to the regular 1-to-1’s and staff appraisals.

Together, these keep the values top of mind and part of every employee’s every day work priorities and performance. 

People first

There's. no greater asset than people. People are at the heard of our business. Our employees, our clients, our app users, our business partners- the people who drive out business have an equal voice and family values sit at our heart.

Innovation never stops 

Energy, commitment, collaboration and creativity breed continuous innovation, we like people with open minds and encourage people to 'think' and see innovation as small tweaks as well as big ideas.

Passionate about engagement

We're building a buzz about employee engagement, making it achievable for all businesses, making work life a better experience for employees, supporting growth.

Reputation is everything

As trusted experts and business partners, transparency; best practice and compliance are key, and a passion for exceptional service is non-negotiable. 

business partners, transparency; best practise; and compliance are key, and a passion for exceptional service is non-negotiable.

Collaboration brings the best together

We believe growth comes from fusing the best of knowledge, expertise, people and technology, we work to ensure we make this happen for our clients, and for our team.

Businesses choosing to work with HIVE360, benefit from partnering with an organisation that delivers solutions and tools that put employees front and centre.

Our solutions are driven by innovation that addresses, supports and solves the biggest issues they face – such as the soaring cost of living, the growing issue of mental health in the workplace, general employee wellbeing challenges, as well as HMRC compliance, cost efficiencies, recruitment and retention, ever-changing legislation, and high employee engagement that maximises productivity.

Our values work for our own people, but also for each of our clients, underpinned by our belief that everyone deserves the best work experience, and that great communication, wellbeing support and financial benefits are the cornerstones of this. 

We empower businesses of all sizes to help them achieve this through high engagement with their people.

As well as experts in payroll, HIVE360 is a passionate advocate of better access to employee benefits and wellbeing support. HIVE360 takes a holistic view that focuses on delivering compelling cost savings, and factors-in boosting employees’ experience and wellbeing from our employee benefits and wellbeing app Engage, which is included and customised as standard for all clients and their workforce.

As such, our values and culture extend to our clients to:

  • Take the hassle and cost of ‘back office’ duties such as payroll processing and pensions administration, away from managers, so that clients can focus on building their business;
  • Help companies attract and retain the right people through accessible, innovative employee engagement and a commitment to employee wellbeing;
  • Ensure companies are fully compliant across the tax, HR, GDPR and compliance ‘minefield’.

Workplace culture combines an organisation’s values, principles and ideologies, interactions, attitudes, and behaviours, and from experience, a healthy workplace culture that aligns company policies and employee behaviours with the company's goals while focusing on the wellbeing of individuals, fuels employee engagement levels.

These make for better employee retention, lower absenteeism and higher wellbeing and productivity:

  • Engaged employees take less than half the number of sick days than disengaged employees.
  • Engaged companies experience 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, and 21% higher profitability.
  • Organisations with highly engaged employees give shareholders 22% higher returns.
  • Increased engagement has the potential to add around £26 billion to UK GSP.

Culture and values are individual to each organisation. But putting people at the heart and creating and delivering against a robust set of values will, and does, reap benefits in a host of ways.

David McCormack is CEO of outsourced payroll solutions and worker benefits provider HIVE360

For more information, visit: https://www.hive360.com/payroll-pension-perks/