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Why happy teams start with happy managers

How do you deliver happy managers? By putting in place the right technological support to let them thrive .

Managers really make a difference.

Not only are they the vital link between senior teams and the workforce, ensuring that the gears of the business drive it forward in the best way possible, but they also feed upwards the concerns and comments from their teams.

These are the ideas and suggestions which could make a significant difference to the successful running of any organisation.

So it should come as no surprise to learn from research by Betterworks that a fully engaged and happy manager will have a team which is 50% more engaged and happy than a manager merely performing to the average.

In short, happy managers mean happy teams. 

And happy teams, by their very nature, are likely to be more productive, more committed, more focused on the job in hand and less likely to suffer from high turnover or high rates of absenteeism.

So how do we create the environment and provide the support to make more happy managers?


The right technology for happy teams 

First we need to acknowledge that their job isn’t easy.

Keeping teams motivated, understanding their various individual needs and addressing their concerns, while at the same time focusing on delivering the objectives of the business, require a range of skills, both soft and hard.

They were never easy before Covid, but now we add hybrid and remote working, far higher expectations in terms of wellbeing and employee support, not least around skills and training, and a role which was already a tough call, has got even tougher.

So lifting the load from the shoulders of the manager has to be critical. Giving them the tools to do their job as efficiently and effectively as possible has to be a number one concern.

That means providing technological back up which enables them to be as effective as they can be – while at the same time letting the teams they manage feel they are being given the support and recognition that they also need.

The technology has to be flexible enough to meet the needs of both sides.

That means automating many of the most basic tasks, so that the systems offer timely prompts and reminders, even suggestions and tips as to how best to manage certain situations.

It needs to be secure so that confidential notes and reports remain confidential.

It might be a nice idea if it can be linked to a library of training resources which the manager can call on and use to guide team members towards useful career development options they can then view in their own time.

Perhaps it could offer up wellbeing tips and ideas which can then be implemented by the manager as appropriate.

In short, a management tool which is flexible and yet allows the manager to focus on what matters most – the productivity and happiness of their team.


Try now, buy later

The good news is that such technology is out there right now. Products like our MyTeam provide a range of tools to assist any manager to be happier and more productive.

These tools automate as many functions as possible and offer prompts for follow-up discussions, training ideas and materials, plus suggestions to improve performance and wellbeing.

This means you can ensure that your management team have all the tools they require to not only make their own roles function more effectively, but free them to focus on what matters to their teams, wherever they may work from and whatever their individual needs and work objectives.

Happy managers make happy teams.

But to deliver those happy teams managers need to be given the support and technology to make that a reality.

The good news is that such technology is out there and working right now. So don’t wait: make your managers happy today. It could be the best move you make this year.


Claire Baudouin is head of marketing at Skillgate 

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