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How to boost your employee engagement with just six documents

Corporate documents don’t have to be ‘corporate’. There are easy ways to make them come off the page and really engage.

Can this be true? Is it really possible to make such a big impact on your staff with just six documents? Well, we believe it is. Not only that, but you don’t have to be a huge global corporation with a massive communications budget to make it happen (but if you are, you don’t need to spend massively to make really exciting things happen either).

You don’t even need to employ a fancy design agency. In fact, even if you have the most basic IT skills you can create good looking and involving interactive business  documents which all your employees will want to access – whoever they are and wherever they are – and on whatever device they want to use – from mobile to tablet.

So just what are these fantastic documents? Here they are:

Advent Calendar

Let’s start with the festive season. It’s not just children who love to count down the days until Christmas. How about an interactive calendar which allows your employees to make a new discovery every day?

A competition to win seasonal prizes one day, special recipes another day. Maybe even some fundraising ideas to help a charity or discount vouchers to help out with the Christmas shopping. Whatever you decide to put behind the day, you can easily create a fun and involving calendar for Advent which will really get your employees going.


Employment Offer

No more dull PDFs to download, sign and return. Instead, create a truly interactive job offer – which is personalised with a video welcome from the employee’s own line manager.

In a few clicks they can sign and return all the necessary paperwork, even order the uniform they need, so they are all set for day one of their new job – and excited about what lies ahead. At the same time, the build-in analytics allows you to see just where they are in completing the job offer.


Working From Home

It’s a new world out there - and an interactive guide to help employees make the most of their time working at home could be just the thing. Share some thoughts and ideas about how they can stay secure and work their best from a home office.


Health and Wellbeing

You almost certainly have a policy on health and wellbeing, but how well known is your wellness policy? Now you can create a document which not only makes that policy clear, but which has games and quizzes to check that employees know just what support they can access, when, and if, they need it. Far more engaging and useful than a paper brochure – and far more likely to be used and kept.


Company Magazine

No more dull corporate magazines gathering dust in the reception area. Instead an exciting and lively collection of news and up to the second information on new developments – from changes in your Covid health and safety policy to news of new job opportunities within the business. All in an exciting format which won’t gather dust, but will gather plaudits.


Company Conference         

Holding a company get together? Instead of a paper-based invite with forms to complete and return, how about an exciting interactive document. A video welcome, showing them around the venue, and setting out what they need to bring along to the day.

They can confirm attendance and instantly return any details such as parking requirements, food allergies or preferences. Again you can track just who has and hasn’t responded and prompt them with timely reminders.


So what are you waiting for?

In every case above, these documents can be created easily and simply – and made to match your corporate branding. They can be accessed as and when the employee needs to view them – be that in the office or on the road.

They are secure and personalised – so you can create a welcome pack for just one new employee – and ensure that only that employee can access it. You can record responses – useful both for knowing who has accessed the documents and for compliance – and you can even reward users for completing important tasks with small gifts as a thank you.

And of course these are just six documents you can create. Your only constraint is your imagination when it comes to finding new ways to transform your everyday corporate bumph into exciting, engaging and interactive online documents.    


Henry Weston is CEO and founder of PageTiger

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