How digital tools can support employee mental health post lockdown

As workplaces adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, concerns are growing over employee mental health. Digital health provider BioBeats shares its insights into new solutions that are transforming the workplace wellbeing market.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for employers to consider, to a greater degree than ever before the needs of their people

According to BioBeats, a quarter of UK employees feel their mental health has suffered since lockdown began, with only 3% admitting to asking for help from their employer.

With such a significant proportion of the workforce at risk, the spotlight is on employers to deliver solutions that offer immediate and effective mental health support.

Organisations that are embracing technology and delivering digital health solutions are seeing not only better employee health outcomes, but solid returns on investment.


The future is digital

Employee wellbeing has been a boardroom buzzword for some time, with some services like Employee Assistance Programmes older than your grandparents.

But with a huge degree of uncertainty looming over the future of the workplace, there is growing pressure to provide remote, personalised interventions.

Plus, rise of the on-demand economy, with increasing desire for convenience, speed and simplicity, is rapidly shifting the way people are managing their health; COVID-19 having only exacerbated further our reliance on smartphones and digital technologies.

Digital health solutions are tools designed to help employees manage and improve their wellbeing, combining the pillars of physical and mental health, into one centralised, personal package.


How to choose the right digital health solution

It all starts with your people. BioBeats is a mental health service provider dedicated to creating products that allow people to thrive.

BioBeats have put together a list of recommended components to look for when selecting a digital health service that best fits the needs of your people:

1. Health risk assessments: To effectively improve employee mental health, first, you need to measure it. Digital health tools that use clinically-validated health questionnaires and indicator tools can accurately and non-invasively assess employee wellbeing across your organisation, so you know exactly where your people need extra support.


2. Personalised coaching pathways: Wherever people are concerned, so is personalisation. Employees need tools with personalised recommendation pathways, so they can access the most appropriate support for them and their specific concerns.


3. Evidence of behaviour change: No organisation will see a measurable improvement in employee mental health if they don’t focus on solutions that create behaviour change. Look for interventions that have actionable therapy, not just content.


4. Whole person approach: Employees need well-rounded solutions that support the whole range of wellbeing needs, including both physical and mental health.


5. Health insights: To see real positive change, employees need insights on their own health and wellbeing. Look for solutions that offer these actionable health insights coupled with information to empower employees not just improve their mental health, but prevent the onset of poor wellbeing.


Moving from awareness to action

Digital health solutions, such as the BioBeats app , can provide employees with the on-demand, personalised support that they need to thrive, not only in the workplace but across all areas of their livelihoods.

In an increasingly digital world where remote based working is becoming the norm, employers need to supply their people with well-designed digital tools that allow employees to engage with their health and access care easily, when they need it.

People are the heartbeat of your business, and in such uncertain times, it’s never been more important to safeguard their wellbeing.

If you want to learn more about how your organisation can leverage digital health in the era of COVID-19 join our webinar.