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Going through changes: how HR can create an optimistic environment where employees embrace the future of work

Type future of work into any search bar and you’re bound to be overwhelmed with results, desperate to predict the future. This can be confusing for business leaders looking for answers to the big questions.

They often ask what will work look like in the future? What do employees expect from a modern workplace? And, ultimately, how will new work trends affect performance of staff and the success of the business?

Always next month, next year, next decade. But the truth is that the workplace is already being reinvented before our eyes, so the learning needs to happen now. 

This webinar, in partnership with CultureAmp, will explore:

  • How HR and business leaders can prepare organisations for change
  • Creating the correct environment for new ideas and innovation to flourish
  • Developing trust and cultivating psychological safety
  • The importance of data in influencing future of work decisions

It'll be hosted by HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher, with special guests professor of organisational psychology Guy Lubitsh and HelloFresh head of talent Yasar Ahmad. 

Click here to sign up to the live HR Lunchtime Debate on 26 April at 12:30.