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What is really going on in your organisation?


The answer to your strategic, tactical and operational problems Effectory is proud to announce the launch of their new Organisational X-ray(tm), an integral part of the Effectory Experience.

Our Organisational X-rayTM shows areas for improvement and areas of excellence in your organisation -essentially: who, what and where problems exist. Information is structured by department, demographic, job role, etc.
Using the Organisational X-rayTM allows you to take a focused, intensive approach so that rather than trying to solve problems by applying solutions to the entire organisation, you can target the areas where the problem actually exists.
Pete Nicholls, Commercial Director at Effectory commented: "The Effectory Organisational X-rayTM, gives you a clear and precise picture of what is going on in your organisation. This information is invaluable. Having to make redundancies? This is where there is a risk of survival syndrome. Want to improve leadership? Find out which areas your leaders need to focus on. If there is anything that our clients want to find out, we can make it happen. We can tell you where to adapt, where to improve, and where to accelerate"
Our approach
The information we deliver is clear, to the point, confronting and stimulates immediate improvement. Aside from the technicalities of the X-ray, results will only have positive impact if the outcomes are accepted, when there is widespread workforce involvement and there is a willingness to tackle change. Effectory firmly believes that the impact of a survey is not only strongly influenced by the quality of the survey but also by the buy-in within the organisation.
In short as a basis of good practice, a successful survey is:

  • well designed
  • error-free project management
  • validated questions
  • anonymous
  • well communicated
  • high level of buy-in
  • reliable benchmarks

 Results are reported back in:

  • clear management information
  • understandable analyses
  • conclusions and recommendations
  • manageable action planning
  • repetition X-ray

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