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The model global HRD CV


In a perfect world a model global HR director's CV might look something like this

Personal summary

Senior human resources business partner with experience working within several global corporations in a range of sectors, and with experience working across the other business functions of operations and marketing.

Key characteristics

  • Highly empathetic and sensitive to others’ needs
  • Good at listening and willing to admit when wrong
  • Naturally highly curious; always open to learning something new about someone – their motivations, culture, background or otherwise
  • Very patient; good at taking a highly considered, analytical approach
  • Non-judgmental; willing to consider all perspectives on a moral issue before jumping to conclusions
  • Trusting; happy to sit back and give others room to innovate and make mistakes rather than micro-managing
  • Excellent communicator


  • Good grasp of French and Spanish; some basic Chinese
  • Training in international employment law
  • Qualification (studied for outside of work) in psychology

Key experiences

  • Extensive travelling in East Asia and Latin America before and during university. (Ergo: a longstanding ability to cope with unfamiliar settings… and 20-bed dorms)
  • Two years’ experience working as a marketing executive post-university
  • Seconded, at my request, to work for six months within the Chinese office’s team at this first company
  • Have headed up a major global talent recruitment programme, successfully transferring several families (cats, dogs, ponies and all) to the UK from a range of regions
  • Extensive travelling in all global HRD roles within the territories served, and potential emerging markets
  • Successfully rolled out a ‘global outlook’ training initiative to all staff, to equip them to serve a now globally diverse customer and supplier base
  • Have acted as mediator several times during issues of cross-territory conflict, recognising the importance, for example, of educating US employees on giving their East Asian colleagues time and space to talk

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