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How to get the right data to build your business

Data and analytics are essential to driving today’s businesses. But how do you ensure that you have your finger on the pulse?

There is no doubt that HR leaders have a strong feeling for the importance of data and analytics. Research suggests that 83% believe decisions should be taken based on what that data is telling them. But despite putting it so high up the HR agenda, few actually have the technology and tools to allow this all-important technique to deliver the vital business-transforming information they require. Only 37% of businesses are able to analyse data effectively – and a huge 97% can’t drill down through their data to get the strategic insights they need to make important decisions.

With so many pressures on HR – from a shortage of talent to the need to develop even more effective ways to engage existing employees – there has never been a more important time to ensure that the technology you adopt truly meets your needs. Providing the essential insights you require to make effective decisions is critical. If you are going to harness the power that is inside each and every employee, it’s vital you can develop effective two-way communication. You can then both better understand what your employees think and feel, and act on those insights to drive not just more effective engagement, but also improve recruitment, retention and motivation.

Recent figures suggest that globally only one in three employees is truly engaged. That figure simply isn’t good enough. To change it requires the ability to unlock your employee data and apply the analytics that will help you to truly understand the decisions you need to make to transform the way you focus on your people. But you can only do that when you have the right technology.

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