How businesses are helping people back into work – part 2

As HR teams prepare for the long months ahead – facing redundancies, blended working, end of furlough and a turbulent job market – we highlight some of the brilliant initiatives helping employees get back on track.


Stonegate Pub Company

Stonegate Pub Company re-launched its training for new delegates with many programmes now suited for online learning.

Courses through Albert’s Theory of Progression (ATOP) were started as quickly as possible following the reopening of Stonegate premises to prevent further stalling of employee growth. More than 800 people who had their workshops with the company cancelled due to the outbreak have now been invited back to participate.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Students at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School will be taking part in a new programme to help them discover and build on new strengths in preparation for their careers.

The programme will be embedded across all levels of studying from first to final year with the hope that the 1000 students who undertake it will be able to develop self-insight and recognition of their strengths and weaknesses to help them stand out to future employers.

Supported by provider Cappfinity, each student will complete an online strengths assessment that will give them a unique profile revealing realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses.

They will then receive coaching from an accredited practitioner at the university to help them develop their talents and self-awareness.

Hannah-Louise Holmes, head of accounting, said: “Now more than ever students need the confidence and resilience that understanding and using their strengths will provide. We know that when people understand their strengths and use those strengths, they are happier, fulfilled, more engaged and better able to cope with stress.”


Ultimate Products

To mitigate the impact the pandemic has had on the local talent pipeline, consumer goods company Ultimate Products has launched a targeted recruitment drive for people inOldham. Recruiting for multiple sites in the area, the scheme is open to both graduates and non-graduates.

Group operations and HR director Craig Holdensaid: We are very proud of our track record of hiring from the local community and providing people with a clear path to senior leadership across our business.With Oldham currently under immense pressure from the impact of COVID-19, we are more determined than ever to do our bit for the local community.

City & Guilds

Skills organisation City & Guilds has entered a partnership to help people who work in the sectorswhich have been the most impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Working with online education provider FutureLearn, the Skills Bridges programme will help candidates identify transferable skills and prepare for new roles in different industries.

Kirstie Donnelly, CEO of City and Guilds Group, said: “At a time when the jobs market is becoming significantly tougher, we are incredibly proud to partner with FutureLearn to take decisive action to help people gain access to new careers in sectors where there is growth and there are job opportunities.

We are committed to doing everything possible to help people get back into ‘good work’, whether they have found themselves unemployed because of the pandemic or just want to find a new career path.”

Launched mid-September, the first phase of the programme is helping candidates into roles in the social care sector. Other phases will be launched by the partners in the coming months in response changes in the job market.

Courses to be included in the scheme will be from digital, infrastructure, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

The full piece of the above appears in the September/October 2020 print issue. For part two featuring health and wellbeing solutions from Yorkshire Housing and Zurich UK and more on training from Green & Fortune, click here.

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