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Hot topic: Tackling climate change, part two

School children across the globe recently went 'on strike’ after an IPPR report suggested there are just 12 years left to limit the impact of climate change

As the CBI calls for the government to work with firms to reduce carbon emissions, how can HR help their organisations go green, and attract young talent to boot?

Paul Hargreaves, author of Forces for Good and CEO of Cotswold Fayre, says:

"There is a growing realisation that while our generation is not the sole cause of climate change, we only have this generation to reverse the damage done to our planet since the Industrial Revolution. The school children’s strike shows the feeling among younger people that not enough changes are being made quickly enough.

"Across the business world there is disillusionment with the traditional capitalist business model of only driving more profit for owners and shareholders. Generations X and Y are walking away from jobs in these businesses and are preferring purpose-driven businesses where the value for all stakeholders is prized as highly as shareholder value. All stakeholders in this context would include global communities affected by climate change.

"Put simply, talent from younger generations will only be interested in working for companies that have prioritised the environment as highly as their profits. If organisations want to stay ahead of the competition they will need to re-align their business DNA."

Alexander Fahie, CEO and founder of Ethical Angel, says:

"It’s clear that there is no more time to just talk about changing behaviour to safeguard our future. HR practitioners are in a really powerful position to enable the behavioural changes our planet desperately needs.

"Ethical Angel is a platform that responds to the pressing need for the private sector, and the individuals within it, to be both conscious of and act upon some of the most urgent challenges we face as a global society.

"Through use of technology, HR professionals can encourage colleagues to take action on issues affecting their business and the planet through working with global causes, while developing their personal skills and interests.

"There is a business case for encouraging employee engagement through community action and volunteering, and we encourage HR practitioners to help us prove it."

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