2021 was the year of magic for HR

Do you believe in magic? I’m sorry in advance to anyone I bump into during the next few months as I will bore you to tears with just how fantastic and amazing the HR Excellence Awards 2021 were.

It felt incredible to welcome so many talented members of the people profession into a room and celebrate the magic they create within their organisations. So one final congratulations from everyone at HR magazine to our award-winners and finalists.

Particularly special about our awards bash was its offering of escapism from the turbulent jobs market we find ourselves in. Talent shortages are nothing new for certain sectors, but the extent of which this issue now plagues our organisations is unparalleled. This could create a potentially greater and longer-term challenge to organisations than COVID-19 did.

Staff shortages have closed restaurants, halted supply chains and now risk leaving some families facing a Turkey-less Christmas. Lockdown was hard, but under-resourced and burnt-out teams with unfillable vacancies may be a little bit harder, for different reasons.

It’s a problem tackled head on in our November/December cover story, which explores the many ways HR is getting creative with recruitment and retention solutions and how the profession can help stabilise the jobs market in 2022. 

As usual there will be a lot of responsibility falling into the lap of the HR department, but as demonstrated at our annual HR Excellence Awards, it’s nothing that the talented HR community cannot handle.

It’s our final issue of the year, so it falls on me to wish you all a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and a very happy new year to all HR magazine readers. It’s been a pleasure to have you on board. 


Jo Gallacher is editor of HR magazine. 

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