Pay awards hit 32-year high

New data from XpertHR has revealed employers are willing to pay increasingly higher salaries to hold on to their talent – but that these levels have most probably peaked.

How to get payroll right in the cost of living crisis

From the relationship between finance and HR teams to the consequences of getting pay wrong, as employees feel the squeeze it’s crucially important businesses mind the pitfalls of payroll, finds Dan...

Employee side hustles: what are the risks for employers?

An increasing number of employees are engaging in 'side hustles' as part of a portfolio career, a trend driven by the cost of living crisis, and a desire – perhaps triggered during the Covid-19...

Davos 2023 roundup: HR took central role at the World Economic Forum

The central role HR had at Davos 2023 shows the function is under increased pressure to help solve global social, political and climate issues, say HR experts.


UK firms split on pay awards

A disparity in the percentage value of raises is growing in UK businesses, despite average pay awards remaining steady at 5%, according to new data.

Surge in over-60s candidates as cost of living bites

The number of over-60s registering as job candidates has surged, according to data from recruiter Randstad UK.

Average UK worker thinks 9% pay rise is fair for 2023

UK employees on average consider a raise of 9% to be a fair pay award for 2023, according to research.

Real wage stagnation will deepen poverty in the UK

The UK economic crisis will see real wages remain below their Q1 2022 level until at least the end of 2027, leading to a long-term increase in poverty, according to research.

Government's trivial benefits a secret weapon for employees in cost of living crisis

Creative use of the government's trivial benefits scheme may prove a useful tool in helping employees through the cost of living crisis, according to an accountancy firm Ashton McGill.

HR magazine most read 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we've gathered the biggest news stories for our readers from across the year.

Six ways to maximise HR’s return on investment in a downturn

With the economic climate shifting business’s priorities, HR budgets are usually first on the chopping block. But there are still ways HR teams can maximise budgets to make the most of what they’ve...

Quick wins to help workers with soaring cost of living

The cost of living crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better, meaning HR will be relied upon heavily once again to keep anxious employees happy and connected, writes Nosa Omoigui