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Get prepared for the GDPR


In May 2018 the EU will implement its new data privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This new regulation will have major implications for any company with employees residing in the European Economic Area, regardless of the employees’ citizenships.

The GDPR enhances data protection for employees and carries substantial penalties for non-compliance. With the May 2018 deadline looming understand the GDPR’s impact on HR department practices by watching the on-demand webinar What HR needs to know hosted by PeopleDoc and international lawyers Morgan Lewis.

The requirements under GDPR are expansive and compliance will call for a concentration of time, effort, and resources from HR departments at affected companies. In the guide The GDPR: What it means for Employers, we have also outlined the four most important things to know about the legislation and how it could affect your company.

To meet the GDPR requirements we recommend starting the compliance process as soon as possible. Learn more about GDPR and how you can be prepared for the 2018 deadline!