Incentive and motivation

Healthy workers, healthy organisation? How a ‘sporty’ vision of leadership can harm wellbeing

A sporty senior leader in a multinational company, promoting a variety of athletic events and competitions to staff, rated employees from green to red to categorise their fitness. Meetings were held...


Early Friday finishes are employees' most desired perk

The most popular employee benefit in the UK is to finish work early on a Friday, highlighting a potential quick win for HR.

Core benefits need to be extended to all workers

Many employers are not providing employee benefits that support the core needs of their workforce, according to a new survey by consultancy Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing.

Shift to real living wage would improve employee loyalty

Workers’ personal lives have suffered due to pandemic-related pay cuts and a commitment to a real living wage could help retain staff and productivity levels in the still-turbulent months ahead.

Pay rises and bonuses will be sparse for white-collar workers

Just five per cent of white-collar professionals have been told they will receive their January bonus, despite working all of 2020, putting pressure on HR teams to provide alternative bonus...

Four-day week is affordable and could boost productivity, finds report

Reducing hours to a four-day work week could be offset by an increase in productivity.

Eco-conscious workers opting for less business travel

Nearly half of UK workers (48%) want to reduce their business travel due to environmental concerns.

Are you stuck on autopilot?

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and amazing how quickly the months and years can fly past without you even realising it.

Employees will bring new expectations when they return to workplace

UK employees are looking forward to returning to work but will return with a new set of expectations, research by Toluna and Harris Interactive shows.

Employers boost wellbeing funding during Coronavirus pandemic

One in four employers have increased spend on employee assistance programmes (EAPs) as a result of COVID-19

Why HR needs to support young employees’ pension plans

Younger employees appear to be actively opting out of pension scheme contributions, which could be to the detriment of their later lives.

HR magazine roundup: The top pieces you may have missed

It's been an eventful month for HR, with many professionals facing difficult conversations and challenges daily.