HR models

Should HR professionals go remote-only?

Interest in remote HR jobs has shot up over the past two years. But can the people function work as effectively outside the office?

Laying the foundation for a workplace that works for all

While every individual and organisation has faced unique hurdles in the last 18 months, there are common learnings that can help us all move forward and build a better future of work.


Boris Johnson's ‘roadmap’ leaves HR in the lurch

Plans to return to the workplace after the UK’s third national lockdown are unclear leaving HR teams with more questions than answers.

Getting the best out of people at Unicef

Many employees say they choose a role due to how well a company aligns with their personal values. And the statement certainly rings true for the Unicef director of people Martyn Dicker.

Why being 'relationship-centric' is a key aspect of use of self

This third article in a series exploring the OD concept of use of self (UoS) looks at the relevance of relational orientation

Unilever SVP HR: HR now entering the ‘paradox wave’

There have been seven waves of HR and employee relations. In the latest wave HR and unions must work together more closely

The importance of intersectionality in HR

While some great progress has been made in D&I, HR must ensure further efforts are intersectional and don’t risk putting staff in a box

We in local government HR can't just do what we've always done

Processes are designed with good intent but they often become barriers, encouraging perverse behaviour that undermines what we hoped to achieve

Is followership as important as leadership?

The concept of followership is often neglected in business, but is just as important as its other half leadership

What do people mean when they call HR soft and fluffy?

This perennial accusation is paradoxically a pretty vague one, and has multiple meanings

Unleash panel: Implementing Agile in HR

A panel at Unleash Conference and Expo shared their experiences of rolling out Agile working within their HR functions

OD must adapt to changing world of work

A panel at the HRD Summit discussed whether organisations can operate in democratic ways in the future