Employee surveys

Harnessing pay inequality to increase employee trust

Of all the issues they face, those related to workplace pay inequality can be the hardest for managers to deal with. Pay is an important way to encourage career progression, and to reward those with...

HR urged to get better at people data

HR is missing out on a huge boost to productivity by not harvesting and analysing data correctly.

Why aren’t you getting the best out of your engagement platform?

We think we’re getting better at employee engagement, but we’re not really. Perhaps your organisation has closely watched the trends over the years and you’ve ditched your annual survey for regular...


Digital transformation held back by lack of employee engagement

Companies’ digital transformation projects are failing due to a lack of staff buy-in, according to new research from software provider IFS.

Does the UK need a more positive approach to open door policies? Part II

Open-door policy is as much about leadership taking action as it is about company culture. Without a strong communication ethic within the organisation, any policy will fall flat.

Setting a standard for employee wellbeing

Today’s work environment is stressful, especially now that work spaces have moved inside the home.

Scottish employees frequently going to work when ill

Over half (55%) of Scottish employees go to work despite not feeling well enough, according to CIPD Scotland.

Financial worries have profound impact on employee mental health

The vast majority (90%) of employers agree that financial worries have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health, a survey by fintech company Smarterly has found.

Employers should introduce 'four days on, ten days off' rota to avoid virus spread

Employers should introduce a 'four days on, ten days off' work rota to limit contact between staff and prevent the virus from spreading as the population returns to work.

Happiness key to performance of employees during lockdown

HR must understand the happiness of its employees if they are going to perform effectively through COVID-19.

High rate of employee confidence in business to get through pandemic

Seventy per cent of UK employees are confident their employers can get through the pandemic crisis, according to consumer intelligence firms Toluna and Harris Interactive

Make sure your surveys aren't disengagement tools

Springing a pulse survey on your employees and then failing to feed back or act on the results quickly turns the survey into a disengagement tool