Rachel Muller-Heyndyk

Office environments making employees unwell

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a worrying issue in UK workplaces, according to research from Remark Group


Liberty Global EVP: Long-term careers a thing of the past

Organisations must give employees the opportunities they want if they're to retain the best talent, according to Liberty Global's Enrique Rodriguez


Employers urged to discuss the menopause more openly

As the Labour party calls for menopausal women to be given greater workplace protections, menopause coach Kate Usher spoke candidly about her experiences


New technology causing skills gaps and stagnant wages

Researchers urge employers and governments to focus on upskilling and lifelong learning to prepare employees for technological change and automation


Labour conference: What HR needs to know

The Labour party has announced a number of policies that could radically change the world of work at its conference in Brighton


Four employee experience myths that must be tackled

Leah Johnson, vice president of advisory at Gartner, outlined the popular myths that HR should be aware of around employee experience


Businesses and unions support global climate strike

?Unions and organisations have given their backing to the youth climate strikes today, as firms are urged to take more action on environmental issues


Workers struggling to be creative and 'think on their feet'

Many feel the ability to improvise would improve their performance at work but don't think their employer's culture supports creativity


Just one in seven roles advertised as flexible

Progress has been slow on advertising flexible positions, with jobs in HR falling below the average


HRMI 2019: Rupert McNeil tops list of influential practitioners

HR magazine unveiled its 2019 Most Influential rankings at an exclusive event at Claridge's last night


HRMI 2019: Amy Edmondson tops list of influential thinkers

Last night HR magazine unveiled its Most Influential rankings for 2019 at Claridge's hotel


Employees feel too old for apprenticeships

Many employees would like the opportunity to start an apprenticeship or switch career but are worried they're too old, according to Jobrapido