Megan Reitz

HR’s role in employee activism

“You can raise visibility… [but] you’re still going to get fired”. This was the conclusion of an employee activist we interviewed. Could this person be at your organisation?


The difficulties of speaking truth to power

What gets said, what doesn’t, and who is and isn’t listened to are vital to organisational success


Lessons from the Conservative leadership race: Beware the 'heroic' leader

When we search, in the face of such a complex, divisive, intractable issue such as Brexit, for a leader who will save us in an instant, is it any surprise they fail?


Is HR inadvertently ‘silencing’ employees?

Employees 'speaking up' are doomed to failure when nothing has been done to address 'listening up'


Mindfulness: Do you know your own mind?

The world's first study on the impact of mindfulness on leadership presents some interesting conclusions