Dean Royles

Gender pay gaps are as much about low pay as high pay

As NHS Trusts publish their pay gaps it is clear that an equal pay system doesn't mean pay parity


Understanding the difference between 'equal pay' and 'gender pay gaps'

The gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay, and people need to understand that


Dean Royles: maintaining employer-union partner relationships is critical

The future of industrial relations is far too important to let it be shaped by the poor experiences of some


Royles: Ending trade union 'check off' payments may have unintended consequences

Ending trade union deductions through payroll in the public sector came out of the blue. From what I can tell there has been no consultation with employers, no engagement with trade unions, no...


Dean Royles: Why I’m doing dry January

I really hope I don’t sound like a killjoy. I know many people like a drink now and again, but it’s good to start the New Year in a reflective mode, and with a challenge!


The three hardest workplace conversations

Issues around mental and physical health are some of the hardest conversations to have with employees. But we need to start talking about them.


Do not fret – HR is the vibrant profession

Non-stop debates about the purpose and value of HR can infuriate people. But, argues Dean Royles, this actually indicates how vibrant the profession is.


HR policies that empower?

Equality and equity are often confused. HR needs to adapt policies and become more flexible, rather than sticking to compliance and control.


Can the real NHS please stand up?

When you hear someone mention the NHS, what do you think? A failing institution, always in the media with insurmountable problems? Or an institution your friends and family speak fondly of, that...


Work-life balance: HR concept or way of life?

I’ve grown up with an important appreciation of work-life balance and flexible working.


Dean Royles: being transparent about transparency

Dean Royles, chief executive of NHS employers blogs about transparency in healthcare. Can HR embrace a culture of openness?


Royles: Common sense is not always right

Everyone thinks they can solve people problems at the NHS, but what may appear to be common sense does not always yield the best results. NHS Employers boss Dean Royles explains how being a HR...