David Woodward

Workplace investigations: when to bring in outside help

What should businesses consider when conducting a workplace investigation?


HR systems need to be more like 'Facebook'

HR systems were one of the first business applications to realise and offer self-service capabilities to employees.


Pension reform – a necessary cost? Where’s the upside?

While many businesses are still at the early stages of understanding what pension reform means to them, one thing is clear, it is going to cost business more money, says David Woodward (pictured).


Are you paying more tax and NI than necessary?

With the Government attempting to deal with debt reduction and taxes and social insurance costs rising on employments, employers are increasingly implementing schemes to reduce their tax liabilities....


SaaS – the future standard for HR technology available today

The technology sector is infamous for its use of buzz words and jumping onto the latest bandwagons. Two of the latest ones are Software as a Service – SaaS for short and cloud computing, conjuring up...