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Increase number of older workers by 12%, employers told

The employment rate for people aged 50 to 69 in the UK is currently 59%


What we learned at the HR Directors Summit 2017

A roundup of some of the most inspirational lessons from the speakers at the 2017 HRD Summit in Birmingham


Look outside for HR strategy inspiration

How reading widely and engaging with experts helped Mencap become more people-focused


Businesses should work to develop a 'global mindset'

A global mindset involves being open to diversity and adjusting to different environments


London 'may lose economic supremacy'

Average salaries have fallen more than any other region, but London still has the highest number of vacancies


Improve retention with values-based recruitment, says charity boss

Autism Together has dramatically reduced staff turnover thanks to a new recruitment method


HR leader of the month

HR magazine speaks to the leaders of the industry about what they think will shape it in years to come


Underlying gender bias holding women back

Stereotypes personally affect the lives of both men and women, at work and at home, research finds


Mercedes: Apprenticeships should support succession planning

Andrew Mallery, training operations director at Mercedes-Benz UK, explains his award-winning strategy


Apprenticeships should fit local economy

At a Get My First Job roundtable experts discussed the apprenticeship needs of different regions


Government promises action on pregnancy discrimination

The government has responded to a House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee report


Most managers have seen gender discrimination in past year

A survey of 851 UK managers found that 81% had encountered discrimination in the past 12 months