Beckett Frith

Pay transparency and openness increasing

Gender pay gap reporting could be influencing greater pay transparency, says the CIPD


Overtime pay shrinks

Men were found to be far more likely to receive a premium for doing paid overtime


The 12 months of 2017: January

As our 12 Days of Christmas countdown, we look at the most interesting HR happenings over the last year


Young people pessimistic about the future

Only 30% of the young people polled thought that their future standard of living will be better than their parents'


Passion for work lost at age 42

A survey shows 42 is the average age that Britons lose their drive at work


A quarter think their colleagues are lazy

Employees tend to view themselves as less inclined to laziness than their colleagues


Nine in 10 workplaces have no financial wellness strategy

Employers are concerned about getting too involved in employees’ affairs and about the cost of implementing such schemes


Employers must help upskill older workers

Most workers in their 50s have not received any computer training


Strikes rise 80% in a year

But technology could be facilitating even more informal industrial action that is not being recorded


29% of black employees held back by discrimination

More BAME employees said career progression was an important part of their working lives than those from a white British background


How to succeed in HR: HRDs' top tips

?Three HR professionals share their top career tips


Short breaks boost productivity

Cary Cooper of Manchester Business School suggests banning internal emails could improve productivity