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HRMI 2017: Siobhan Sheridan tops list of influential practitioners

The 2017 HR Most Influential rankings have been revealed


Adrian Furnham recieves HR Lifetime Achievement Award

The results of the 2017 HR Most Influential rankings have been revealed


Simon Sinek, Speaker and consultant

HR most influential

Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker, author and marketing consultant


ONS stats "bittersweet" for women

High levels of employment are being driven by women, but this may be because they're having to work longer


Bottom 20% of workforce "wasted"

There are too few alternative routes through education and into employment for school leavers today


Mentoring can help bridge the senior gender gap

Women make up only 27% of directors in the FTSE 100 and 23% in the FTSE 350


Unions call for NHS pay rise

Since 2010 pay has been frozen and then capped at rises of 1% for public sector workers


Poor health could obstruct later life working

Half of older employees fear work will become detrimental to their health


20-year-olds most demotivated workers

For all age groups the biggest motivator at work is flexible working


Ethnic minority leaders face prejudice

Just 2% of companies surveyed were meeting their ethnic minority board representation targets


Graduates willing to back out of job offers

Almost a third of those seeking placements have already withdrawn from an offer


A postcard from... Canada

Our 'postcard from' series keeps you updated on key HR areas in different countries