"Pushy" solicitor wins unfair dismissal tribunal

A London solicitor has been awarded £150,000 after successful claims of unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, inequality of pay and victimisation at an employment tribunal.

Sky employee wins discrimination case against diversity officer

A Sky employee has won £14,000 in an employment tribunal after being told by her diversity officer colleague that she must have experienced discrimination because she is of Latino heritage.

Pregnant worker wins unfair dismissal tribunal

A spa employee has been awarded a settlement by her former employer after a tribunal found she was unfairly dismissed for being pregnant.

Next's underpayment of staff risks tribunal action

High street retailer Next has apologised to staff after a payroll error left workers underpaid for five months.

Workplace bullying claims reach record high

The number of employment tribunals referencing bullying allegations reached a record high in the last 12 months.

UK worker loses Covid safety tribunal

A UK worker who lost his job for refusing to go to work due to Covid safety concerns has been unsuccessful in his appeal to the employment tribunal.

Rise in menopause tribunals attributed to increased awareness

The number of employment tribunals relating to menopause increased in 2021, highlighting a potential rise in awareness of the condition.

Without prejudice vs. protected conversations: Getting it right

Employers often confuse 'without prejudice' and 'protected conversations'. Here's how to get the distinction right

When is a freelancer really an employee?

When it comes to taking on 'freelancers' and outlining their roles within any organisation, many employers will be asking: 'Who cares? We, the parties have an understanding and that is all that...