Side hustle

What should HR do if an employee gets a second job?

As the cost of living crisis continues to squeeze employees, second jobs are on the up. What are HR’s obligations?

Side hustles on the rise as cost of living crisis continues

More than one in three adults in the UK, or 20 million people, now have multiple incomes, according to research by service provider Utility Warehouse.

Employee side hustles: what are the risks for employers?

An increasing number of employees are engaging in 'side hustles' as part of a portfolio career, a trend driven by the cost of living crisis, and a desire – perhaps triggered during the Covid-19...

Employees' second jobs putting employers at risk

Employers are worried they are being exposed to risks through employees’ second jobs, according to research.

Worker harassed for side hustle wins £22,000 tribunal claim

A bank worker has won £22,000 from an employment tribunal after being advised not to advertise her cake business on social media while on leave.

Cost of living crisis creates side hustle spike

One in five Brits (19%) have started a side hustle, i.e. a job or venture outside of their usual work, since March 2020 in moves potentially fuelled by the rising cost of living.