Agile leadership

Does the future depend on re-learning how to lead?

When only 10% of UK employees thrive in the workplace, does this mean leaders are failing in their duty to lead? Or is it time to re-evaluate what leadership is all about?

How to be a reviver rather than a survivor with leadership

The determining factor of an organisation’s success in response to each and every disruptive opportunity is leadership – whether that be recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the threat of recession,...

Agile HR: what does it even mean?

Agile represents different things to different people – depending on your perspective, this can range from establishing flexible working right through to introducing a philosophy formed of a series of...

Case study: Creating a learning culture at Airbus

As more HRDs are turning their attention to reskilling their workforces HR magazine hears from four organisations already embracing L&D to create agile learners

Power dynamics: Managing change in an organisation

Complicated human power relationships can enable or restrict changes in organisational practice